Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Missionary Life for Me!

I get up at 6, ok 6:30 that's the target
Put on my sandals and head down to the market
Get out the compost, then peel the prickly pear for pie
No apples in the jungle, Sallie just may die!
Then out to hang the laundry, hope there is no rain
Ran the washer the night before, takes so long it's such a pain.
Now back to make tortillas and bread
So much work, cooking from scratch to keep me family fed.
Need to purify more water, if I cheat and use the tap
It'll come from dirty river water and our tummy's will pay for that.
No hot water, it's solar powered
Forget the hair, it'll be evening before I've showered.
Take the laundry in, though not yet dry
But at least inside I can keep a watchful eye.
Lots of petty theft here
Josh's shoes were stolen, he's down to just two pair!
Walk to housing office, job starts at eight
Up the muddy, rocky hill, doesn't matter if I'm late.
Helping translators at housing
placing village teams and dealing with spiders, rats and mouse-ings!
I work on the computer, (ugh) mostly in Excel
But I love answering phones and email; that I do quite well.
Back home for lunch, the girls come too,
Not that I don't love's just more work to do.
After lunch it's to our only store
Hurry to get what I need, it closes daily at four.
Home again start dinner and cut hair
Serving the translation, is really why I'm here?!
Cooking and cleaning is all I do it seems
A lot of time in the kitchen not exactly the life of my dreams.
But no complaints, though my mood soars and dips
I'm gaining a humbling understanding of Jesus' servant leadership

-- Chris


  1. Well expressed! You have a gift for rhyme! Love your way!

  2. Poetic hardships?! Only you could make the bump and grind of the missionary's daily life somehow light and reflective. Truly shining the love of Christ through what may feel as menial tasks. Shine, Chris, shine! You are loved and missed!!!

  3. Love it! Hang your shirts upside down to dry, so the clip marks aren't in the shoulders. And don't stretch out the elastic in the underwear while you hang it up! (Steve has a funny story about that one.) We're praying for you guys.

  4. You are going to be such a blessing to everyone there! Your spirit and personality will allow God to shine through. I pray for your family all of the time:)